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Matthew 9: 18 to 10: 33:  Themes: Have courage: ask for all, believe all things are possible. Make Jesus present:  “tour,” teach, preach, and heal as Jesus. Be conscious of call and empowerment. Give to all who are willing to receive. Do not worry about what you can do or others can do to you; be secure in the Father’s love and protection.

Continue the ministry of Jesus, relying totally on him.

Our faith: How many of these statements do you believe? And live?

Matthew 9: 18-26: The singleminded priority Jesus teaches us in ministry is to:

1. Be helpful. Always find a way to help, even if it means bending rules to the breaking point. The over-riding rule of all pastoral ministry is “Feed my sheep!”

2. Be approachable. Never turn anyone away for coming when it is inconvenient.

3. Never give up on people or underestimate what they can do with God’s grace.

Matthew 9: 32-38: Jesus reveals himself on earth today in the members of his body — “touring” through us, “teaching and proclaiming the “Good News.

Our ministry is to “cure” individuals and society of “all kinds of diseases and sicknesses” — to make all things whole again under the reign of God so that all might enjoy “life to the full.”

Matthew 10: 1-7: Christian ministry is a ministry of hope because it is the embodiment of God’s “steadfast love.” No matter how far we stray from God, he will keep seeking us out. And we should seek others out.

God’s love is all that gives hope on earth. It is the burden and the blessing of Christian ministers to embody it.

Matthew 10: 7-15: If anyone will not accept our ministry we should ask if we are really preaching the Good News. Are we showing them the true face of Jesus?

Matthew 10: 16-23: The price — and the fruit — of ministry is unconditional love: love like God’s. This is the key to all ministry.

Matthew 10: 24-33: As ministers of Jesus we begin and end before the throne of God. We are without fear, conscious of the glory that sends us and will receive us.

In ministry let your faith give you hope that works miracles through love.

Seek only to serve. Let Christ act through you

Make Christ as Savior visible in everything you say or do.

Love with a hope that gives hope.

Look to God for hope, not to what is apparent on earth.

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