Q: What is the IMMERSED IN CHRIST plan REALLY all about?
A: It is a "plan" that:
  • Immerses us in Christ. It shows how to make Jesus Christ an active, experienced part of who we are and everything we do;
  • It shows us how to use everything Christ has given us: how to make his words and his sacraments work for us; how to work with him to bring his truth, his love, his life to others;
  • It forms us and transforms us so that Christ can use us to transform the world;
  • It is an act of practical belief in the prayer we have said for generations:"Send forth your Spirit and ¦renew the face of the earth."
Q: How complicated is this faith formation series?
A:  IT IS SIMPLE AND EASY!  THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE is "forward motion" we grow through simple practices that keep us Immersed in Christ‚in his presence, his power, his love. Additionally, the plan can be facilitated easily by any dedicated person, lay or clergy, trained or untrained.
On the parish level, it is ideal for launching and supporting a process of Adult Faith Formation that  can continue under various forms as an abiding part of parish life and ministry.

A:  To give life to our religion and depth to our spirituality--by relating the fruits of Christian living to their roots in Christian doctrine.

Q: What is THE METHOD?
A: Condensing the Faith through FOCUS. The series shows how every item in the Catechism of the Catholic Church explains and is lived out in one or more of the five mysteries and commitments of our BAPTISM: to embrace our new identity as Christians through life-long learning as disciples, witness as prophets, ministry as priest, and leadership as kings or stewards of the Kingdom.
The course shows how these five simple, but all-inclusive, commitments of Baptism embrace all Christian belief and practice.

Q: What credentials does Fr. David Knight, author of the Creator of IMMERSED IN CHRIST series, bring to this program or plan?
A: Ever since his ground-breaking book, His Way: An Everyday Plan for Following Jesus, began transforming lives more than 20 years ago, Fr. David M. Knight has been devoting all his energies to developing, testing, implementing, refining the IMMERSED IN CHRIST Faith Formation Series. Fr. Knight holds a doctorate from Catholic University. He has been a pastor and teacher, and has given retreats to clergy and laity all over the world.