The Five Steps

Here are the Five Essential Themes of IMMERSED IN CHRIST…
Being “IMMERSED IN CHRIST” is not an event; it is a journey. The Five Steps are real, enduring commitments we are called to make as Catholics (by our Baptism) —as we take our journey and reach for our Destiny. 
Step by step, little by little, slowly but surely, this dynamic series teaches us how to become
BY BEING CHRISTIANS: Letting Christ act with us, in us, and through us, in everything we do.
BY BEING DISCIPLES: Making study and reflection on the mind and heart of Christ an everyday, lifelong practice.
BY BEING PROPHETS: Little by little, making everything in our lifestyle bear witness to Christ’s values.
BY BEING PRIESTS (BY BAPTISM): Letting Christ express himself in us and through us to every person we deal with.
BY BEING STEWARDS, LEADERS: Accepting responsibility for bringing about the reign of God over every area and activity of human life on earth.
Key Benefits and Attributes of IMMERSED IN CHRIST…
1. It is Concise: There are only five commitments to remember, and they are easily kept in mind. They are summed up in five “being” words: being Christ, disciple, prophet, priest, and steward of his kingship.
2. It is Specific: The commitments are focused, clear, and concrete. They are easy to understand, both in theory and practice: we try to save, to learn, to witness, to minister, to change the world.
3. It is Inspiring: This is not a spirituality of rules or practices, but of open-ended ideals. It holds up beckoning goals to keep working toward; goals that provide direction and motivation for ongoing spiritual growth.
4. It is Foundational: These five commitments belong to the very structure of the life of grace. They are all constitutive elements of Christianity itself, un-arguable and non-negotiable. Subtract any one of them and what is left is not an authentic, integral Christian spirituality. They are the sacramental commitments of Baptism.
5. It is All-inclusive: Everything to which Christian life commits us is included, in some way, in these five commitments of Baptism. What Baptism is to Christian life, these five commitments are to Christian living.
6. It is Easy: This suggestion does not impose the crushing burden of goals that must be reached immediately. It is not a spirituality of achievement, but of “forward motion.” It focuses on gradual response. This makes it a spirituality that is realistic and practical for all the people we address in the pews or in the classroom, wherever each one is. For each commitment and goal a “starter suggestion” is offered that should not be threatening to anybody.