Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Don’t Send Anyone Away Hungry

December 3 Wednesday the First Week
ISAIAH 25:6-10; MATTHEW 15:29-37
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What are we waiting for in Advent?

Isaiah says we are “waiting for God,” so “he might save us.”

He tells us where: “On this mountain,” where we see things from a higher perspective.

And how: God will “make a feast, swallow up death, wipe away tears, take away disgrace.”

In the Gospel, Jesus “went up the mountain.” There he “made a feast.” A preview of Mass!

He “swallowed up death” by curing.

He “wiped away tears.” by showing “compassion.”

He “took away disgrace” by refusing to “send the crowd away hungry.” That would be rejection. Jesus never wants us to send anyone away hungry. Especially from Mass.

He asked all to share with each other. Our loaves and fishes. Our tiny bits of knowledge. Crumbs of consolation.

He gave thanks. For what the Father gives us. For what we give to each other.

Then he broke the bread. Baptism made us all “one Bread, one Body.” Like Jesus, we must accept to be “”broken open” and given to the world so Christ can give himself in us.

Are you “waiting for God” to save? He is waiting to save with you, in you and through you.

So what are you waiting for?

Pray (all day):Lord, act with me, act in me, act through me in everything I do today.”

Practice: Share with the hungry any bit of faith, hope or love you have.

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