Friday, December 12, 2014

The One in the Many

December 12 Friday the Second Week
ISAIAH 4817-19; MATTHEW 11:16-19
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What are you waiting for to become a better Christian?

More changes in the Church? A better parish? A special impulse from the Holy Spirit?

Why not start with what is right in front of your eyes? Jesus Christ.

It is Jesus we accept or reject. Not the Church, priests, bishops or popes. Not even other Christians. Those are just excuses for rejecting Jesus.

Jesus said, “This (every) generation” is like children playing “follow the leader,” but who reject every leader. No Christian – clergy or lay – is perfect. But in them all Jesus is saying, “Love me, love my minister! I, the LORD, your God, teach you what is for your good, and lead you on the way you should go.”

It’s not about the kind of ministry or example we get from others. It is about finding the truth and way of Jesus hidden in each one. And obvious in the Bible. We can always find Jesus the Way in his example, Jesus the Truth in his words, Jesus the Life in his sacraments. If we look for him.

Being a “Christian” is recognizing Christ.

So what are you waiting for?

Pray (in every encounter): 
“Lord, show me yourself with this person, 
in this person, through this person.” 
(Or with, in and through this event).

Focus on the person of Jesus. 
Accept him wherever you find him.

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