Friday, November 25, 2016

Growing in Awareness of Jesus as Savior During Advent and Christmas

Growing in Awareness of Jesus as Savior During Advent and Christmas

May Advent be a time of looking and longing that stimulates light and love! And may the grace and peace of the Christmas Season be with you! 

The reflections we post on this blog site are meant to foster, in a practical way, a process of spiritual growth designed to help you to grow to the “perfection of love.”

The blogs for the next four weeks leading up to the celebration of Christmas, as well as the reflections we will post for the Christmas Season, are based on the readings read at Mass each day. But there is a spin to them!

The reflections focus on whatever I can find in the readings that speaks to the theme of appreciating and using Jesus as the Savior, not just of our “souls,” but of our life on this earth: family and social life, school life, work and politics. Their aim is to facilitate the kind of interaction with Jesus Christ that will “save” every area and activity of our lives from “veering off” toward destructiveness, distortion, mediocrity and meaninglessness. A good theme for Advent and Christmas.

These reflections for Advent and Christmas will be posted in the next few days as a PDF file on our website at You can print it out as a booklet if you like.  

These reflections are also a practical follow-up to help live out Step One in my book Reaching Jesus — Five Steps to a Fuller Life the introductory or “flagship” book for the spiritual growth plan Immersed in Christ. 

Merry Christmas and a growthful New Year!

In His love,  


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