Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sign up for Father Knight's newest "class" during Advent:

The Unbeaten Path: 

Following Jesus Upwards/Spirituality

My life’s work is explaining “how to get holy”—or in a phrase that may also fail to turn you on, “the path to Christian perfection.” Call it what you will, it is an integral, systematic plan for spiritual growth.

And no parish or diocese I know of in the Church is offering one today.

You may think you are familiar with my Five Step plan. But I have never taught it with the depth and thoroughness—and practical emphasis—that I can bring to it now. Since I intend to teach you all the spirituality I know, once the classes start, I expect them to go on indefinitely, which at my age may be somewhat shorter than forever. But you can come as often, or for as long as, you want. Same price—nothing—for all. The best things in life are free. (The worst are usually priced at $19.95).

Mondays starting on Nov. 14; ending on Dec. 19
6 Mon. 10:30 am-12N or 6 Mon. 6:30-8:00 pm

1306 Dellwood Ave.
(next to Monastery of St. Clare)

Registration by email or phone: 

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