Thursday, October 13, 2016



An abiding awareness of God’s love should underlie everything we think, do and experience. To realize his love for us, we express it in doing good for others.

Celebrate, give thanks and remember God’s love.

Our faith: How many of these statements do you believe? And live?
The “dynamic triangle” of life, both human and divine, is awareness and expression augmented by sharing with others.

We are responsible as stewards of Christ’s kingship for bringing every human heart, every area and activity of human life on earth, under the life-giving reign of Christ. This is overwhelming. The support of stewardship is faith-sharing and celebration.

In the Catholic Church it is considered disobedience to do what a rule says if this will not achieve the goal of the rule. Lawmakers know it is impossible to make a law that will “work” in every country and community if applied exactly as written.

A steward is not someone who just takes orders. Stewards have decision-making freedom, because they have made their own the mind of the one they serve.

To be faithful stewards of our “inheritance,” we need to foster awareness and appreciation by reading, reflecting and responding with faith to the word of God.

We are called to work for God’s “plan to bring everything in the heavens and on earth together under Christ as head.” This is more than motivation. This is mystery.

Luke 11: 29-32: If we refuse to use the gift of the Holy Spirit by questioning, judging and discerning in our Church and community, we are “unfaithful stewards.”

Luke 11: 37-41: Jesus teaches us to change our focus from “cleaning the outside” of our visible behavior to purifying the inside of our hearts.

Luke 11: 42-46: In the Church the “law of all laws” is “Feed my sheep.” No application of law is legal if it does not do this.

Luke 11: 47-54: Our lack of interest in our faith or weak enthusiasm can discredit the truth entrusted to us as Christians and keep others from looking into it.

Luke 12: 1-7: Mediocre Christians have nothing to fear because of their religion. It is the “friends” of Jesus who come under attack from unbelievers and Pharisees.

Luke 12: 8-12: Jesus tells us: Do not worry how you are to defend yourselves... for the Holy Spirit will teach you.” We were anointed with the Spirit for this at Baptism and Confirmation. As “prophets, priests and stewards” of the King.

Study and reflect on the heritage of your faith until you are enthusiastic about it!
Interpret laws faithfully. Judge everything in the light of the Holy Spirit.

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